What do you think about NZ’s Got Talent?

This is a question I’ve been asked so much lately, I’m sure I’ve got my answer down to a fine thing.  “It’s great but not a show specifically for singers”.

“So  are you going to Audition?”

“Well I need the audition experience, but…”

…and to be honest, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for kids my age to go into big shows like that.  I saw how it was for Astro and Rachel Crow on XFactor USA last year and that put me right off!  But I can also appreciate that there’s a great opportunity for anyone to get their 5 minutes of fame from a show like NZs GT too.

Happy to take your feedback on this.

Meanwhile, life is pretty busy getting ready for our school Jazz Band trip to Rarotonga at the end of this month, and then our school production is on soon after.  I’m singing a lot for both events, and pretty excited about it – although Rarotonga is the main event!

I think I worked out I’m the busiest kid I know – aside from my friend Katie Trigg who sings opera and we do a lot together.     In fact, last month we both got together and did a special event for Starbucks in Hamilton – it was Taylor the Latte Boy, (Katie)  and the Rebuttal Song (Me)  check out this link.


Fun but weird!   We loved the whole instant live theatre thing….

Till next time


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