The Music I Listen to

I went out to the Cambridge market again yesterday where I sang with Katie Trigg… it was a sunny autumn morning, and I was really enjoying myself singing some Sinatra tunes, when a group of Asian tourists stopped and started taking video and still shots of me singing.  They watched for  while and then clapped after each song.  It was such fun to feel like a mini-celebrity for a few minutes.

I’m working on some new songs right now so that I can continue to grow my list – it’s fun to do, and while I always have my favourites, it’s good to keep adding some.   This morning I sat down with my mother and went through some old songs in her collection, like Jim Croce, Englebert Humperdink and Tony Christie.   There are some really good ones we found for me to sing – and it was fun listening to these old songs and hearing her stories about them, and the singers.

I have to confess… I LOVE singing crooner/swing/jazz songs, but when I relax and listen to music when I’m studying or hanging out with my mates, I mostly listen to Bruno Mars and Nicklback, and a number of current top 40 groups.   My brother reckons I’ve got the MOST eccentric taste in music of any teen ever.   I’d love to know what Michael Buble would say about that!

Oh – and It’s my birthday this week…  finally turning 14.   Which is weird too, because I keep getting told I look much older…. someone asked if I was at university yesterday when I was packing up my gear at the market.

I wonder what exciting stuff this year will bring!

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