Warming up for the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival

Last night, Merrinda Dias, Jessica Spina and I jazzed it up at the Lido in Brisbane in preparation for our big debut at the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival next month.   Each of us performed two sets of 3 songs, plus a group song ‘Doodling’ we’ve been working on for what feels like a very long time.  It’s a catchy little number, and fun to perform, but when you’re working with harmonies, getting it just right can be a little challenging when also faced with the pressures of performing in front of a live audience for the first time as a trio.  I’m pleased to say it went very well and Leo McFadden on guitar made the performance extra special.

MERINDA JESSICA AND ALEXA lot of people ask me if I get nervous before going on stage to sing.  Well mostly no. If I feel I’m confident with the songs and am aware of the size and type of audience, I’m ok with that.  But sometimes – like last night with the extra pressure of ‘Doodling’ and having my wonderful vocal coach Ingrid James in the audience, well let’s just say it was much easier to eat after the show than before it.

So the next ‘big thing’ for me to get ready for is the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival and it’s going to be a great three days, with lots of jazz people to see, meet, hopefully jam with, and get to know.  I am sure it will be a bit of a turning point for me as I’m making my way through some decisions about the future and what kind of performer and songwriter I really want to be.  I can’t wait.  If you are looking for a great weekend away, head up to Townsville on the 22nd August and ferry across to the island – see you there.


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