UPdates for 2013

Hi everyone – well I’ve made the move with my mum from NZ to Brisbane Australia, where I’m attending the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries.  It’s an amazing school where I get to study theatre and music along with about 350 other kids also studying these subjects, or arts, film, design etc.   It’s just a really cool place to be – and the fun stuff is underpinned with an academic programme called the International Baccalaureate.   I’m having a great time and loving hanging out with other wildly creative and artistic teens like me.

One of my goals for this year is to pull together a jazz trio – stay tuned for this – it WILL happen.

And my piano and guitar playing is almost good enough I can accompany myself on some songs now.    Here’s me playing last week at a school event for parents – the video isn’t great because of the lighting, but you’ll get the idea.

I’ve had the chance to sing a few times lately as a guest with a group called Soulcutz Barbershop- and while they are not exactly doing barbershop music (they are barbers, hence the name) and that’s been fun  and a good boost to my confidence.

You know this year is going so fast –  must be because I’m having a great time here in Aus.

Will write more soon…




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