Time to Find a New Spotlight

I’ve been growing up for what feels like forever – well technically that’s actually true – but now, I’m living in Melbourne, making my own way in the world, and starting to get a feel for what I really want to do with my life, my talents, my career opportunities.

Last year my biggest achievement was writing and co-directing myfirst play – “Walk on Water” produced by Terra Nemo Theatre Company in Brisbane.  I have to say I really loved the process of helping my ideas come to life on the stage.  I loved the directing and of course I loved the great feedback. The play was good – even though I’m a little biased.  There’s room for more development there, and I’ll be doing some more writing soon.

There’s no shortage of ideas in my mind, but you gotta eat and pay rent right!?

So my priorities, like most young artists is to work, pay the bills and then focus on  performance opportunities.  Making coffee at Starbucks is not a long term career option.

I have the world in front of me, now I just gotta find a great stage and shine that spotlight on me.  I’ll keep you posted on progress ok. Meanwhile, if anyone reading this has need of a singer, actor, I’m happy to look at just about anything…  it’s a crowded market out here.


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