The Easiest Money Ever!

Well today I was all excited about singing/busking for a while before my show-time at the Botanical Gardens, and had picked a spot just outside the cafe there.  I set up, and started singing ‘Witchcraft’, and just starting to get into verse two, when a lady walked up to me…

Well – she explained that sorry, I was not allowed to busk there.  Oops!

But while she was talking with me, this very nice lady came up and interrupted us, to say how much she was enjoying the music.

No go – still not allowed to keep singing!

So as I was packing up, this nice lady came back – after the grumpy manager lady left – and handed me a folded up note.  She said that she and her husband were on holiday from London and that she wanted to encourage me to keep singing, because from the little she’d heard so far, I sounded like I was pretty good.

She went back to her table, and I finished packing up – then checked the note she’d handed me… wow – $15 for only half a song!  That’s a record for me!

To the lovely blonde lady with flowers in her hair, travelling and stopping off at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens cafe this afternoon  I wish you both a lovely holiday in NZ and really want to thank you for your amazing generosity.

I carried on and sang four songs at the Kids Pitch a little while later and unfortunately the crowd was pretty small, but I felt like I’d done a good job and all the practice I’d put in this week was worth it.

So – nearly time for home – another few days and back to Hamilton, School and who knows what next.


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