Playing Piano and Guitar

A few months ago I became a little ‘obsessive’ about learning the piano, and have been barely able to contain myself around any keyboards I have come into contact lately.   Dare I say it, I even wagged a few classes as school in favour of a chance to practice on the Grand Piano in the hall when no one else was around – naughty I know but hey, my ability to play is getting better and better every day, and I might have a better chance of work in a piano bar one day than winning a pop-quiz about history.

So as I was saying, I’m a little OTT in my passion for this new found ability to play piano.  But this week, I picked up a guitar, and have hardly been able to put it down.   I just love it.   And I’m blessed to have some great mates at school who have been helping me to learn things I am picking up pretty fast too.  That helps!

So ask me in another few months about my favourite instrument to play and I’ll be hard pressed to say, but for today, I just want to play! Playing piano and guitar has been made a lot easier for me by having people around who can teach me things, but mostly I’m finding the internet is a great teacher. There are some amazing programmes and files on there for someone like me who doesn’t want to go at a ‘weekly-lesson-pace’.

(Me singing and accompanying myself for the first time in public – one of my all time favourite songs)

And – as I keep telling my family, I’ll be better able to write songs if I can play them.  🙂

What’s your latest obsession?


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