Home Time…

Well it’s time to pack up and head home – my flight back to Hamilton is only a few hours away now, and I’ve had a great time in Christchurch at the World Buskers Festival.  I’ve also met some great people, like:

  • Brendon the Magician
  • Nellie the Dancer
  • Jack the Juggler

And who can forget Max and Cam, best known to their fans as ‘I Gave Those Guys Five Bucks’.  What a great name for a couple of guys who juggle, sing, ride a unicycle, and are really entertaining.   They’ve been busking for 5 years already, and they are only 14 years old.   I was really impressed!  And it was fun sharing the stage with all these amazing talented people.

It’s fun to hang out with other kids who feel like I do about wanting to succeed as performers one day – and I really have had a great week of being able to do that, and made some new friends I hope to keep in touch with – and hey, maybe we’ll all be in Vegas together one day… who knows.

Well it’s time to pack! And school starts on Tuesday!

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