Getting Serious…

So I moved to Melbourne – as you do – to find my way into this world of being a performing artist (not a starving one) and found myself doing what all great talents do when they are young and easily influenced by big city lights… yup I got myself a job making coffee!  And while that’s paid the rent for the last year, it’s also given me time to do a lot of reflecting, growth, and most of all practicing. Believe me when I say I’m a much better guitar player than ever before.  And yes, I obviously still have a great sense of humour.

Now it’s time to get serious about what I’m doing and where I’m going with all this, and one of the first serious things I’ve learned this past year is that ‘I’m not a cute talented kid anymore’!  Go figure!   That is a game changer – because no longer can I trust that I will be given a microphone just because I’m enthusiastic about impressing anyone.   And of course my fan club (Mom) is not there to also help with the cute kid thing – thank goodness.  After a while you gotta do it yourself right!

Anyway – now I’m all grown up and surrounded by a gazillion other young talented people who all want to get on those same stages I have my sights set on and the rules have changed.  Now I need an agent, or a manager…  Both?  What about photos.  The ‘awesome’ (read expensive) portfolio.   Then there’s the endless information, auditions, opportunities… it’s the learning is relentless.   And so how do I wade through the merely good information and recommendations vs the truly great ideas.

I think the problem with this industry is this:  Everyone who has ‘made it’ is protected (guarded) by their agents and agencies from public access, and everyone who hasn’t made it yet is willing to hand out lots of advice, but is that enough?

If I wanted to be a great lawyer I’d probably go off to a big law firm and ask to spend an hour with their top guys and girls and find out what it’s all about, if the study was really worth it, and what mistakes they would correct along the way if they could redo their journey.  Not quite so easy to rock on up to Robbie Williams or John Farnham and have that same conversation though.  Pity.

I’m sure I will be able to write about my journey more one day soon – and maybe one day I’ll be able to at least have a great conversation with someone about it – maybe that will be helpful to either them or to me… meanwhile – my guitar beckons!


PS – check out some of my awesome (yes expensive) new photos!  ‘Thanks Ma for the birthday money’ 🙂  I’ll frame you one for Christmas!


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