Gearing up for more…

Well I’m off to a really busy start this year so far – signed up for Jazz Band and Theater Sports at school again, and band camp last weekend… now working hard to make sure our Theater Sports team aces the competition this year.

Two BIG things coming up for this weekend – tonight an audition for OLIVER at the Hamilton Operatic Society, I’m trying out for the part of the Artful Dodger, and there’s a rumour that the amazing Richard O’Brien has been signed to play Fagan!  It would be SOOO amazing to be in a major production with ‘Mr Rocky Horror Picture Show’ for sure.    And tomorrow I’m performing for a wedding in Papamoa.  Hope the weather holds as I am singing outdoors in a lovely big garden for a couple of hours.

Today of course means that I have LOTS Of practice and preparation to get through… all good.

I’d MUCH prefer to do this than go to school…  ahh one day!



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