Busking my way to fame at the world buskers festival in Christchurch

To get the practice and exposure I need to make it to where I want to go, I do a lot of busking where I can at places like the VegeKing in Heaphy Tce, Tamahere Markets, Farmers Markets and any where else there’s a chance to put my hat out.   It’s mostly good fun and I earn quite a bit towards my singing lessons, and my planned trip to London where I want to Audition for BRIT this year.

I’m going to write about my experiences here when busking and all the opportunities I’m exploring this year – I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Today had my first performance busking at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch ….. Ok but not as well as I would have liked – there’s a really cool girl called Alex (go figure!) who I want to beat in this competition – it was ok but I would have liked to do better. But not to worry I have plenty of chances to redeem myself throughout the week, as I have to sing again in the busking competition on Tuesday and Wednesday as the judges make their decision on Thursday about who gets to perform in the finals on Sunday next weekend.  This has been exciting and challenging as a start to this festival and it’s nice being in Christchurch for the first time ever. 

I’ll be keeping you posted throughout the week,

Ciao J

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