Big Night Out

Well it was a really big weekend for me – starting with performing at the Mater Ball on Saturday night with Craig Martin and the Robert Clark Band.  I was pretty nervous knowing there were 800 people in the audience – but we got through a great rehearsal and then it was pretty straightforward from there.   Craig was great to work with, and gave me some excellent tips too.

We got into some really good harmonies too – love that sound. (Sorry about the video quality)

Then it was on to some more singing on Sunday night at the Brisbane Jazz Club, where I sang 6 songs with the New Groove Jazz Ensemble.    I started rehearsing with them only 3 weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying that whole Big Band thing.   Two nights in a row working with a 16-20 piece band is awesome.  I just love that sound.  And of course, it’s hard to get lonely on stage with that big a crowd behind you. 😉

Well – there’s one other thing I want to share today – I LOVE wearing a suit, and that may be a bit of an odd thing for most guys my age, but hey, I just feel like a million bucks standing on stage in a suit, singing with a big horny band behind me… just sayin!

Ok – gotta run, school today.



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