Alexander Carlton Performing Live

Alex Carlton 051lr6x4 2I had a fantastic time out at Sandgate with the New Groove Ensemble big band on Sunday afternoon. Nearly a full house, and a lot of dancers in the room – this was my first time doing a ‘proper gig’ with this band and Trina Lincoln was away at a wedding so I was the only vocalist for the day.   After only 3 rehearsals, we (the band and I) pulled it together pretty well.  Even when I mixed it up a bit during ‘Sway’ the recovery was ok and so we all had a bit of a laugh about it.

Performing is all about the audience, and I learned even more about this from  being in the audience at the John Farnham and Lionel Ritchie concert on Tuesday night.   The ability to watch two absolute legends performing only meters away from me, was not only powerful and I loved it, but noticed what they did to engage the audience, and invite the audience to be part of the show, not just passive observers.   It was a great concert and I’m keen to get back on stage again and put more of my learning into action.   Alexander Carlton Performing Live – I might have much smaller audiences tank those guys for now, but we all have to start somewhere!

By the way – I’m going to be at the Lido Restaurant on the 30th March if you feel like a cruisy lunch with some slow jazz that day.   Remember to book –  as they fill up fast there on the weekends.


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