A Busy March

Well it’s been a really busy few weeks, but here’s what’s been happening:

Last week I was invited to sing at the Waikato Stroke Foundation monthly lunchtime meeting, it was lovely to see my old friend Annette there – she found me at the Markets a while ago and booked me for this event.   She’s a lovely lady, and it was a real honor to be made so welcome by her friends at the Stroke Foundation.  Here’s a video of some of the fun we had.  http://youtu.be/ncyoazHm9Wc

I sang at a really lovely garden wedding on 10th March in Papamoa – 2 hours of background music, but I had a few people actually pull up their chairs to sit close and provide me with an attentive audience. That was fun, and a really nice way to spend a few hours entertaining people who were all happy and enjoying themselves.

That weekend I also went for an audition for Oliver – which is being directed by David Sidwell and stars Richard O’Brien as Fagan.  I was offered a great part, but unfortunately had to turn it down as the show clashes with a prior commitment – my school jazz band is going to Rarotonga in July, and they need me to sing more than the Operatic Society need me to act this time.   I wish that cloning was a option sometimes when there are so many cool things to choose to do.

And lately, I’ve been busy getting ready to do a special event at a Starbucks in Hamilton, with my friend Katie Trigg, who has an amazing voice too.  In fact, if you are in town on the 13th April, be sure to stop into the Starbucks on Ward Street at about 12.30 for some lunch and light entertainment by yours truly.

Finally – on Saturday I was busking at the Cambridge Market, a lovely place to be on a sunny autumn day – and a really lovely lady names Barbie Davidson came up to me and gave me her card and lots of encouragement.  Shes a singer too, and it was really helpful and very reassuring to have someone like that take time to talk to a start-out like me.   I hope to keep in touch with her and maybe get some time with her to talk a lot more.

Anyway – it’s Monday and back to school today, but singing lessons today, and I recently started working with a new voice coach who is just fantastic – so that’s something to look forward to this afternoon.


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