Meet Alexander

Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m a singer, actor, and writer and voice artist…I currently live in both Melbourne and Brisbane/Redciffe. I’ve been classically trained as a singer from the age of 10 then moved into Jazz from the age of about 12 after being introduced to some of the Great American Songbook songs while appearing as the lead in Bye Bye Birdie. I just love that era.

One of my early (and still favourite) influencers is Harry Connick Jnr; I also love Robbie Williams, Tim McGraw, Lionel Ritchie and Rob Thomas – my influencers are also found in country as well as swing and jazz.

My objective is to perform on stage, and make people happy through my music, writing, and just what ever comes up that works with my particular range of talents.

I’m available for Jamming, performing, and in particular currently available for a range of voice over work.

Let’s talk about it!


More videos are available here

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